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This scam is where someone messages you asking you to come to their house, they tell you they have a glitch where if you put something on a table and dance it doubles, if you do it, you've just gave away your valuables. The picture shows someone trying to scam my Abyssal whip off of me.

They fail, miserably, as I tell them I screen shotted it, then put it on this wikia.


Fail scammer.

I'm posting this because I've seen enough of this in the last week. I've been asked to do this about 3 times in one day, and quite frankly it's getting annoying, as someone fell for it and did it with their Dragon Claws.

- Someone just got scammed their abyssal whip, I lent him one of mine for a day.

The dangerous level of this scam: 4/10 You need a brain to dodge it.