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During the year of 2007, major controversy arose from the massive changes and riots. Many players quit or were banned from breaking the rules.


Rule 7 Protest

On January 2, the Rule 7 Protest occured. This happened when Jagex updated Rule 7 which meant that all third party clients were banned. Most third party clients inserted themselves into the RuneScape interface to allow the use of calculators, IRC chat programs, and other conveniences. One of the most notable such programs was SwiftSwitch. Many users of the program were outraged that it was banned. Members rioted on world 27 while F2Pers rioted on world 81. Most rioting occured in Varrock but it later stretched to the Ice Plateau. Rioters activated Retribution prayers. The Rants Forums hit 500 online users on this day.

14 Hour Riot

On February 24, a famous player killer known as 'Elvemage' lured a player into the Wilderness. A player moderator was nearby and condemned the luring. Elvemage alledgedly said Mods should burn in Hell and was muted straight away. Other p'kers and anti-mods appeared and disagreed with the unnamed mod's decision. The riot was held in Edgeville and rioters activated retribution and set up Dwarf Cannons. As the name suggests the riot lasted 14 hours.