The 2007 Raw Fish Dip was one of the most significant events ever to occur in the economy of RuneScape. The dip was a huge drop in raw fish prices such as lobsters and sharks between March and May 2007. The drop was brought on by the sudden increase of Fishing bots which products managed to get into the market. The drop was mainly caused by the competitive prices these macros would sell their fish for and the fact that over filled stocks would mean sellers would lower their prices in attempt to find a buyer. During April the prices got so low that the price of raw lobster actually went below cooked lobsters for a short period of time (210 Raw, 215 Cooked), whilst sharks were as low as 400gp ea. This period saw one of the highest amounts of people training to 99 cooking. Jagex eventually began a crackdown on these macros and they were banned in huge numbers. Eventually after the macros and fish stocks had dried up prices began to rise. Many players consider this to have been the best period in recent times to have gone for 99 cooking, however this drop was devastating to lobster and shark merchanters who lost money. Many players left this market for an alternative market such as fletching materials, or farming seeds and have never returned since.

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