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There was lots of Controversy after the realease of a few updates in 2010 mind you this list is inclomplete and may be different as time goes on

HP to LP riot[]

This was a short riot that only lasted 2 hours it started in draynor village and they walked throught the grand exchange and to falador where the large riot started. A few players that had seen it start had called a bunch of Player Moderators but they failed to listen. No Jagex Moderators were on at the time of this riot and there were tons and tons of abuse reports for offensive languange.

Dungeoneering Riot[]

There was a small riot with the relese of dungeoneering, and although it only lasted 1 hour, 3 mutes were issued. The point of the riot was to convince players to think that the skill would be more fitting as a minigame instead. It did gain some support.

Rock Climbing Boots Riot[]

On June 24, 2010, all climbing boots in RuneScape became rock climbing boots. The price of the climbing boots on GE was changed from approx. 200 coins to 75,000 coins. Also the new High Alchemy price of these climbing boots became 45,000 coins.

This negatively affected PKers because it esentially protected over almost everything such as Armadyl armor and fire cape, dragon boots, Bandos boots, and other items. THre days in which people stacked up on climbing boots became extinct because of this alch price.

The riot broke out because lucky players earned wealth they did not work at all for. Rumors spread around that this update was leaked by Mod Mark (CEO of Jagex) to a few people (such as his cousins and Smokin Mils, a price manipulation clan). Rumors are either true or false. The riot demanded a rollback to reverse everything, but it never happened. People quit, experssed their anger towards Jagex and ended up getting muted, maybe even banned because of this update.