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The affair scam is when a male or a female user will begin to grow a "relationship" with another Runescape user. After the "relationship" goes for a while, the person who started it will begin to say that they are messing around with another user behind their partner's back. The scammer will then ask for some money or an item to stop the affair. The other user then realizes it was a trick. This is a very rare scam however, as Runescape is a game and forming relationships with players is a direct violation of the Solicitation rule under Honour. However, in extremely rare cases, the two people may know each other in real life.


  • Boy: Hey, wanna be my gf
  • Girl: Sure
  • The relationship develops for a while.'
  • Boy: this had 2 come out some time, but I am cheatin on u
  • Girl: OMG HOW CUD U
  • Boy: I promise, i wil stop it if u give me d claws
  • Girl: No way! We're through!
  • The girl reports the boy for scamming.