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The Ardougne Wilderness Lever Lure is a very dangerous lure used in a Member's world. As almost all members know, there is a lever near the wall to West Ardgoune that leads to high level Wilderness. Lurers tend to use it to lure new members or members that have hardly any knowledge of RuneScape into pulling it and going into the Wilderness so they can kill them, claiming they are going to do things such as hold a drop party. However, by default, players are issued a warning when pulling the lever, so this is fairly easy for newer players to avoid. In addition, players that have used the lever will generally have enough common sense to not follow another player into the Wilderness.


  • Scammer finds a new, low level member (An easy combat target).
  • Scammer: Drop party, I'm dropping a Dragon battleaxe!
  • Victim decides to follow Scammer, beliving there is going to be a drop party.
  • Victim follows Scammer who leads them across the bridge and into the hut with the lever.
  • Scammer instructs Victim to pull the lever in exchange for the battleaxe.
  • Victim pulls the lever, disregarding the warning given to him/her.
  • Scammer pulls the lever after Victim has been teleported to the Wilderness.
  • Scammer drops the item where they are standing.
  • Victim goes over and picks up the Dragon battleaxe.
  • Scammer is then able to attack Victim and take their items when they've died.