Dark Runescape Wiki

AshleyHowThe- Known as Ashley-How-The-F on Playstation 3.

This players true details are unknown. On his/her's Youtube account they have showcased their hacked account.

Runescape is not the only game they exploit. This  user also hacks on the Playstation Network,along with the Modern warfare 2 leaderboards and several other Call Of Duty titles.

On Runescape, this player has exploited Java to hack Runescape, discovering how to change item values. Rumor has been going around this player is Either Cursed You, Or Durail321, due to the similar interests of the players.Their is no real information on this user,but what is known is that the player can be found on World 86.'

This player may have botted their way to 99 firemaking near the Grand exchange, totalling 29.000.000 Experience, landing them #400 for firemaking on the highscores.