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An autotalker is a third-party program used in crowded trading places. World 2 is a prime example of this. Since RuneScape chat does not allow for copying and pasting, these programs are used to say the same thing over and over quickly. These people are usually not scammers, they just use the program to help them sell their items in the quickly moving chat. However, autotalking still directly violates the Macroing rule under Honour, which will often result in a mute of at least 14 days, and possibly permanent depending on the degree of the infraction.

A way to spot such a cheater is to go to world 1, 2 (members only), 3, 4, or 5. Look for someone doing a complicated text animation (e.g., "glow2:slide:") and a lot of text (e.g., "buying any and all glories! 51k each! ->Superdood19<-"). Then watch to see how often they are saying this. If they say this all within 5 seconds of each saying and never make a mistake, they are most likely using an autotalker. If they say "glow2:slide:buying any and all glories! 51k each! ->Superdood19<-" within 5 seconds of each other the player would be typing at a speed of over 12.5 key strokes a second, and therefore it is likely that they have not reached a godly typing speed, but are simply using third-party software.

Also, a lot of areas also have a considerable number of Autotalkers that advertise gp-selling websites. The censor blocks URLs, but the Autotalkers often find crafty ways to get around this (see spamming bot).

Examples are: Sell cheap GP 1m=$4.20 and items at [illegalgpsite. C 0 m]!!!!