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A Backstabber (or BSer) is a type of griefer that will pretend to join a clan, and then turn against or possibly kill another clan member. Backstabbers would strike when the target player and his/her clan were at the top of the wilderness, where it was difficult to escape. Backstabbers generally traveled in packs and sometimes called in their own clan to assist them in defeating the target clan. Solo backstabbers rarely succeeded unless they had clan backup or their target was a solo PKer. This was considered a type of lure that could be reported via customer support, but only if the BSer's offer to "team up" was made outside of the wilderness, even if the victim's decision was made with lack of judgement. Backstabbers were a very common type of scammer, but became extremely rare to come across after the December 10, 2007 update to the Wilderness that removed PvP combat, although with the introduction of Bounty Hunter and PvP worlds, they still persisted for a while. On February 1, 2011, the Wilderness became a PvP combat area again, and backstabbers began to pop up more often.

How to Antiscam

This scam is surprisingly easy to anti-scam

Player 2 after agreeing to team in wildy tells clan to go whereever Player 1 says to go (usually in multi)

Player 2 arrives with his clan at the area, and they all kill Player 1, taking the items Player 1 would have used to kill Player 2, and gaining a big profit


Player 2 meets Player 1, a Backstabber, by the Wilderness Ditch.

  • Player 1: Hey, wanna team in the wildy?
  • Player 2: Ok we share drops k?
  • Player 1: Let's go to the hill giants theres lots of noobs there.
  • Player 2: K.
  • Player 1: Turn your Run on so we get there quicker.

Player 1 and 2 enter the Wilderness and run to the Hill Giants.

Player 1: OK NooB time to die

Player 1 quad dds speced player one after repeatedly ags and ice barraging him

Player 1 equips a Magic shortbow, dark bow, or another high-powered weapon and attacks Player 2, killing him in a matter of seconds.

  • Player 1 (In Private Chat): Ha ty for the stuff noob.
  • Player 2 (In Private Chat): QQ