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Blood and Soul talismans

The talismans featured in the glitch.

The Blood and Soul Talisman Glitch was a glitch where in RuneScape's Runecrafting Guide, pictures of Blood and Soul talismans were able to be seen by URL manipulation. Jagex responded by immediately deleting the pictures.

Blood and soul tiaras[]

As an addition to the above glitch, Blood and Soul tiaras were also able to be seen by using URL manipulation. Note that there are 3 tiaras instead of 2. The bottom two are both Soul tiaras, as some people believe that the Soul tiara symbol was blue, and others believe it to be purple.

Crafting the runes[]

A player receives a message saying you can craft soul runes upon achieving 90 runecrafting. However, soul runes cannot be crafted, as there is no soul altar. The only way to craft soul runes is at the Ourania Altar, with a little bit of luck.