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Broken axe scam no longer exists due to an update.
This page is being preserved as a historical article.

The broken axe scam was a rare scam in RuneScape in which the scammer received a decent sum of coins by tricking a victim into buying a much less valuable broken axe. As this was an item scam, it was against Rule 2 of the Rules of Conduct (which would now fall under Honour). The punishment for performing this type of scam was typically a 24-72 hour ban or mute, but repeated infractions generally resulted in longer (and occasionally permanent) bans or mutes. The player would typically see the scammer saying something along the lines of "Selling broken rune axe! 20k!". When a player traded with the scammer, the broken axe was generally in noted form (which made the axe's colour hard to see, and if a player has a broken axe, the item in the trading screen only shows "broken axe", as opposed to "broken rune axe"). The player would then trade the scammer and then visit Bob's Axes in Lumbridge to get it fixed. After Bob fixed the axe, the player would then notice that the axe probably wasn't rune.

This scam became obsolete on 25 February 2009 with the removal of the 'Ent' random event.


Scammer: Selling broken rune axe! Only 15k!
Victim trades Scammer. Scammer offers noted broken Mithril Axe. Victim thinks this is a broken Rune Axe and doesn't bother to check, as it is a good deal, and offers 15,000 coins.
Scammer and Victim accept.
Scammer logs out.
Victim goes to a bank, un-notes the axe, realizes it is a broken Mithril Axe, and reports Scammer for item scaming.