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"Cannon Pests", also known as artillery noobs, are pests players who use the Dwarf Cannon on monster training spots for quick ranged training and/or item gathering.

Even though using a cannon is fair play (and therefore the player cannot be reported), using a cannon on the main training spots is generally frowned upon for multiple reasons:

  • The cannon will attack multiple monsters, this is unfair for other players who can only attack one monster at a time.
  • The cannon user can hide in a safespot without being attacked, safely doing nothing or something else, like alching.
  • The cannon half-kills the monsters.
  • The cannon can hit the monster during the brief moment of time a player can use to eat food, thus stealing the monster.

How to not be an annoyance:[]

  • Train on spots where there are no players or enough monsters for everyone plus your cannon.
  • Go to a world with no players at the spot or enough monsters for everyone plus your cannon.
  • Always finish to kill the monsters that the cannon started to kill. This will stop the half-killing.

Many slayers despise cannon users, or "cannon noobs", due to their cannons hindering said slayers' tasks, such as dagannoths. The reason for this strong hatred towards cannon users is owes to the high damage output of the cannons, allowing thereof to finish any surrounding monsters with ease. Slayer XP is gained when the monster is killed, not during combat. Due to this, cannons can hamper and even halt the training that Slayers do, Although this is somewhat hypocritical as most slayers use the cannon for faster slayer levels and for finishing tasks quickly. Funnily enough, players don't find this as "unfair" if he or she him/herself is the cannon users.