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The Cave Scam is one of the most widely known scams, although many people fall for it. It involves going into a cave. To do it, the scammer must have 2 candles.


  • Person 1: Hey, want to come into that cave? There's some cool stuff down there!
  • Person 2: Sure!
  • Person 1: You will need this candle to survive down there.
  • Person 2 thinks that this isn't a scam, since he warned him
  • Person 1 trades person 2 the candle, and they both go inside.
  • When inside, Person 1 asks for the candle, he has to do something.
  • Person 2 gives the candle to person 1, thinking that it's not a scam.
  • Person 2 gets killed by the bugs, and Player 1 picks up the possessions.

It is also possible for the scammer to have a second candle with him, and this lowers player 1's suspicion.

Also popular was a scam involving luring someone with only an open candle (I.E., one not in a lantern.) into the cave in Lumbridge's swamp. Once under the cave, the scammer would walk the victim towards the back of the cave, near the waterfall. While a normal candle kept the bugs away, the waterfall would splash, and cause it to go out. Bugs would attack the victim, who would have to quickly backtrack the cave to escape.

This was made easier because along the way, there were slayer monsters (Hands in the Wall) that would latch on to a passing player, snaring them and doing additional damage unless they were wearing the spiked slayer helmet. This snare and additional damage would normally all but seal the victim's fate.

This scam is not common anymore due to the release of gravestones. Most of the cases of players being lured like this after the gravestones release was just to watch them die or come close to dieing and after make fun of them, some people even recording it for YouTube.

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