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The Chair Glitch is a Glitch which occurs in Player Owned Houses. The glitch is when someone is sitting down on a chair in the house and they drop something they'll get the message "You can't drop items while sitting" however, the item they drop will appear on their head.


Some players like to drop funny items while sitting like longswords, because when you drop them while sitting it will appear to go through your head people might say things like "Ouch" and take a print screen of that for humourous and numerous reasons.

Other glitches dealing with the chairs within player owned houses include:

  • If you have run on when you sit down, after you get up your run energy will act as if it is not on, although it will be highlighted. This glitch can easily be stopped by turning off run and it will simply go back to normal.
  • When on a POH bench, performing any action which involves turning around will make the bench appear to turn away from the table, although this only appears to other players.