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Chessy018 was seen as one of the richest players on RuneScape. This is largely due-to her YouTube videos where her wealth is shown off. Her wealth goes far item wise, however it goes even further in terms of gold pieces as according to her YouTube videos she owns six piles of max cash (2147M).

Early RuneScape adventures[]

At first she just merched yew logs and raw lobsters, for they were high in demand, then achieving her legendary "piles of max cash.". Before the grand exchange had come out, she had owned this sum of money, and then she took the grand exchange to her advantage, merching god swords, abyssal whips, barrows items, and much more.

After being seen as a noob for so long she ultimately realised she can buy anything she wanted.

Chessy018 now owns a merching clan entitled "Merchmasters" which is generally full and some players receive millions of gold as profit.

Chessy018 hacked[]

Chessy018 was allegedly hijacked in March of 2011. The account was temporarily banned by Jagex mods, but not after the hijacker stole most if not all of Chessy018's most valuable items. A Jagex mod stated that upon realising that the account had been hijacked, the ban on Chessy018 was lifted and the perpetrator's accounts were all issued permanent bans. The hack made RuneScape history when Jagex then decided to work with online fraud teams to catch and charge the hacker. It has been reported that one arrest has been made in the UK, although it is currently unknown what became of the suspect. Chessy018's account was allegedly hijacked again March 2013, two years after it was initially hijacked. The current status of her account is unknown, although many suggest that the hijacker still retains control of it.

Chessy018's Estimated Wealth[]

Chessy018 is thought to have an estimated wealth consisting of numerous popular high-end rare items including party hats, santas, and mask sets, as well as massive amounts of high-end armour and weapons.