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The only way u can join is u give 3 of ur best weapons our clan scams Scammers and give it to me to give them back.


  • Player 1 is just walking along road.
  • Player 2: I heard about your clan! I wanna join!
  • Player 1: ok but first lets trade to see if ur not a scammer if he is scam him back give me the weapons I will give them all back if he is not let him join and tell him the rules
  • Player 2: Nice!
  • Player 1: But you have to 130 weapons each month as an initiation fee
  • Player 2: Well it is worth it
  • Player 1 trades with player 2 and if not a scammer let him join and tell him he will also Have to gift skins if he can.
if player 1 finds out he is a scammer he should not tell him ways to scam for bad.
If Player 1 revealed to Player 2 that he scammed him, Player 1 should tell people to report him

Another Example[]

  • Player 1: I heard about your awesome clan can I join?
  • Player 2: Okay but there is an initiation fee. 130 weapons
  • Player 1: Sure its worth it!
  • Players 1 and 2 trade with each other.
  • Player 2: if player 1 is scammer player 2 will take his whole inventory, if player 1 is not a scammer let him join and tell him the rules
Player 1 has been scammed out of 100k, and can report Player 2 for item scamming.


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