ClusterFlutterer is the codename given to an anti-macro project launched by Jagex on 25 October 2011. It was implemented to prevent injection and reflection bots from working. Jagex has stated that they estimate these types of bots to make up for about 98% of all ingame bots. Subsequently, Clusterflutterer is popularly known as the 'bot nuke'. Moreover, Jagex states that they plan to implement additional means of keeping the bots from working (including taking legal action), and that they are now banning macro accounts at a rate of at over one thousand per minute. Many well-known macro sites have shut down as a direct result of the bot nuke. About 98% of the bots work by "Reading" The game code and ditecting what to cut/attack/fish/burn/bury/rob/ect. Each item has a unique ID, Such as, 3924 for something like a magic tree. Every few moments (5 or so mins), The IDs are randomised, So 3924 might belong to something different, Such as Nex from the god wars dungeon. This will halt the bots that do that in their tracks. Clusterflutterer does not work on all bots, Such as the ones that click on the exact pixel co-ordinates.



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