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The Constitution protest was a riot where players gathered to protest Jagex's changing of the former Hitpoints skill to the current Constitution skill. The change was implemented on 3 March 2010, and involved multiplying players' and NPCs' health by ten and renaming the health 'life points'. However, damage factors were also multiplied. For example, a basic level 19 ghost, which could only deal up to 2 points of damage per attack before the update, could now hit a maximum of 27 life points (which would have equated to a maximum of 2.7 hitpoints before).

The reason for the implementation of these changes was because Jagex believed that the early levels of RuneScape were tough to understand and learn, and has been consistently working on improvements to that initial part of the game for some time. The Constitution update was recieved with positive reactions by many players, but outraged many others as stated below.


A few days after Runescape's Constitution update, various protests rose up. The most notable among these was a quickly-growing clan chat/protest led by the player Hpfailscape. During the protest the members of Hpfailscape's clan were warned to stop spamming their negative opinions by players and Jagex Mods alike. At least four players received lengthy mutes for their spamming. Hpfailscape himself received a permanent ban. The protest was short-lived, and only lasted a couple of hours. The protest started in Varrock and continued to rotate through the non-member world.