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Many people know of the Alt+F4 scam, which closes the page in the impression of a "doubling" glitch whatsoever. Ctrl+W also has the same effect-closing the browser. The scammer will ask someone to drop a valuable item and hit Ctrl+W to duplicate it . The person who presses CTRL+W's browser closes, and the scammer happily take your valuable items. They will ask you to drop your Dragon Chain or Christmas Cracker and hit Ctrl+W to double it. Your browser closes, and they happily take your valuable items.

  • Example:
  • Scammer: Hey I just found this glitch! If you drop something on the floor, hit ctrl+w and it will double!
  • Victim: Really? Show me how it works.
  • Scammer: Ok, I will duplicate ashes. (He then drops 2 ashes)- After a minute, ashes seen -
  • Victim: Oh wow! I'm dropping my (Insert valuable item name here) and duplicating now!! (Drops and hits, the browser closes and the item is on *the ground)
  • Scammer: Hahaha I am rich!

- You you cannot report him if you fall for it because in 1 minute you will logout and then he will take your item, and you cannot send an abuse because the snapshot is only 1 minute. Your best bet is to report him before, or hopefully someone in the area saw this and reported it.