Dagannoth luring is a rare, but nasty form of monster luring that may occur in the Dagannoth King chamber, which next to the Wilderness is one of the most dangerous areas in RuneScape as there are 3 level 303 monsters each specializing in a different form of combat. In its early days (prior to gravestones) the scam was notoriously effective on the victim, and in some cases, even full teams of players killing the kings. The lurer will lure either Dagannoth Supreme or Rex over to someone and run down the ladder. As both of these monsters can hit over 250 life points very often, the victim will then be pinned by the monsters and forced to defend themselves. Though logically turning on a protection prayer would solve the problem, switching from magic protection is extremely dangerous as the third king, Prime, may shift his aggression towards the victim, and can easily hit over 500 life points, often resulting in quick deaths. The best way to get out of this scam is to have an emergency teleport. This scam was popular due to the fact that many players bring Guthan's armour, runes, and other valuables down with them.

This lure temporarily vanished with the addition of Gravestones, which completely prevented items from being looted. However, gravestones became lootable after collapsing on 1 February 2011 with the return of free trade. This resulted in a brief revival of the Dagannoth lure. Fortunately, most players who visit the lair of the Dagannoth kings will protect against Prime's hard-hitting magic attacks and carry emergency teleports, which dramatically reduce the success rate of the lure. Moreover, players who come to kill the kings almost always come in teams that have at least one player with 70 Prayer or higher, to bless gravestones. This not only further prolongs the amount of time the scammer has to wait before he/she can pick up the loot in the rare event of a kill, but it also gives the victim more time to get back to the gravestone to pick up his/her dropped items.