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Here you may sign up for the official Dark RuneScape Wiki Clan Chat. To sign up, please put your screenname and your RuneScape username below. To enter said chat, go to the Clan Chat tab and open it. Then press Join Chat and enter Ugozima. All sysops and b'crats have been entered into the system; sysops are Captains, b'crats are Generals. Everyone else is a Recruit. People Captain+ can kick chat.


  • DRSWcheesehea103, RScheesehea103, (additional RScheesehea103, if any)

Signup starts here:

  • NOTE: People who have been slashed out have already been added.

(Please note: Due to the fact that the operator of Ugozima is only human, it may take up to 2 weeks for your account to be added.)

  • Chiafriend12, Chiafriend12,
  • Latios 23, Latios_23
  • Jinhyuk5000,Jinhyuk5000
  • Sir Lenehan, Sir Lenehan,Odinthe3rd
  • Dekoomer1
  • Emosworld, Emosworld, Emosworld5
  • Planetcatter
  • Main666
  • Yoyo89707, Yoyo89707
  • Joe 6165
  • Pkemon Dork, Pkemon Dork, Zamrakslave
  • Nick_advent,Nick_advent,Megaman1138,Nick_advent3,Varrockthe4
  • Da bomba3, Zezima123550, Devil 666hel, Louie701
  • Flaredragon, Mattyd81595
  • Gangsterls, Gangsterls
  • cheesehea103,cheesehea103