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The Dating Scam is one of the more common scams which involves luring. It is found usually in non-members worlds. It starts out with a high level player (the scammer) standing in a populated area (usually Lumbridge) with no armor, saying looking for boyfriend/girlfriend! The victim agrees to be he/she's boyfriend/girlfriend thinking it may be fun. The scammer will then lure the player into the wilderness (I know a place where we can be alone or I know where we can find treasure being the most common) and kills him/her, taking whatever items they may have had. The victim then reports the PKer for breaching Rule 2. NOTE: This works both ways, more often than none the person looking for a date is a low level using RuneScape instead of a dating website.


Scammer: Looking for boyfriend/girlfriend!
Victim: Lol, why not?
Scammer: I know a place where we can talk alone.
Victim: Ok, cool.
Both walk into high level wilderness.
Scammer: Too bad this relationship had too end so soon.
Victim: What?
Scammer kills victim.
Victim reports scammer under Rule 2.

Victim: "looking for boyfriend/girlfriend!"

Scammer: "Hehehe..."

  • proceeds identically to example 1*

This scam is easily prevented by reporting the Advertiser for Rule 1, spamming, as Jagex find advertising for a mate as spam.