Dark Runescape Wiki

In RuneScape, one of the most aggravating things can be dieing. It get into you, you slam both fists down on the desk, things get broken. Heres some 101

How to prevent losing your items[]

If you want to just head into the wilderness whenever you want without PKing, here is a good tip. If you want, only bring a platebody, sword, and platelegs (or skirt). This means that you will not lose your equipment because you only keep 3 items on non-skulled death. If you are PKing, plan on bringing a lot of lobsters then. Also bring a teleport to get out of tight situations.

How to avoid dieing out of wilderness[]

What you do, simply, is you don't be brave. you run away when you a get less than a quarter of your health down (or if you are fighting a monster that does a maximum of a quarter of you health, run away when it has done 2 hits max on you. Unless you have a lot of lobsters, which will help.)

When you do die, how to prepare (Free World)[]

When you die in a free world, and you lose you coins, there are a number of things you can do. If you have a high mining, you could go to a mining site and mine until your inventory is full, sell it (or make it into something), and repeat! If you have a high woodcutting level, cut and sell wood! If you have a high fishing level, fish and sell the fish! If you have a high cooking level along with a high fishing level, fish, cook, and sell! Its that simple!

When you do die, how to prepare (Members World)[]

When you die in a members world, apart from what you can do in a free world, there is not much you can do. You can sit at the bank at Catherby (or wherever the flax is) saying "Flax picking job, 1k a load" or something like that. But, when you do this, what has to happen is the person who pays you has to have only the money in his/her inventory. You can play Castle Wars to get tickets to buy a shield and a sword. Other than that, there isnt much to do.