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A door closer is a type of griefer that likes to prevent players from leaving or entering a building. These players are often viewed as some of the most annoying players in the game. Some of these players find amusement in other's frustration, or they may be helping thwart the macroing problem by trapping bots inside or outside of a specific building. Quite often the griefers would demand unreasonable amounts of money to stop.

Before the "pure essence" update, trapping bots using Aubury's door was something of a sport, particularly if they were under attack.

Door closers briefly re-emerged in 2012, closing the gate that separated P2P wilderness and F2P wilderness during marathons. This irritated the hundreds of players doing the timed Edgeville marathon, where rewards were based on how fast the marathon is completed. When the event was removed, the door closers went with it.

Other tactics[]

Door closers may lure players into deadly places with doors. The door closer then shuts the door and waits for the player to die. If the player tries to open the door, the door closer shuts it. However, Jagex has been updating several doors so they are unable to be closed to avoid this. In addition, should the victim die, their items will be protected by a gravestone, which cannot be destroyed by the griefers (unless the death occurs in the wilderness).

Now, if someone opens and closes a door too much, it will stay open and whenever that person tries to close it, it will produce the message, "The door seems to be stuck." instead, and they won't be able to close it for a few minutes.

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