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The Dragon Slayer II Quest Scam was one of the rare scams which did not last long. High levelled players began to trick players around levels 30-50 who completed the quest that there was a second part to the Dragon Slayer Quest that Jagex did not want most of its players to know about. The scammers would say that you could start the quest by entering the Lava Maze in the Wilderness and talking to an injured Dragon Slayer there. There was no Dragon Slayer situated there and the high levelled players would just kill of the victims to steal their Mithril, Adamant, and/or Rune armor. This scam has also been done with two people, as the second person would just appear briefly. From 7 December 2007 to 31 January 2011, this scam became obsolete as the Wilderness was not a PvP-enabled area during that time. This scam has slightly resurfaced, however, with the return of PKing and Free Trade on 1 February 2011, but is extremely rare nonetheless.


  • Scammer: Hoo finished drag slayer? I gots a suprize 4 u guys.
  • Victim: (thinks this is a good surprise) I did!
  • Scammer: Hey did u no dat there iz anoter part of the drag slayer quest?
  • Victim: Really?
  • Scammer: Yeah, jagex just doesn't like other people to know bout it.
  • Victim: Cool, whats the reward?
  • Scammer: Full dragon rmor! (Scammer wears Dragon Armor)
  • Victim: Really?
  • Scammer2: Omg i just fnshed drag slayer 2, i got full dragon! (wears dragon armor)
  • Victim: Cool! Let's go!
  • Scammer: It starts in the wildy, in the lava maze.
  • Victim: Isnt that dangerous?
  • Scammer: Do you want draggy or not...
  • Victim: Fine...


  • Scammer: Go inside, look for the injured drag slayer. ill come wit u
  • Victim: K
  • Victim: Hey, where's the slayer?
  • Scammer: HAHA! (kills Victim for their armor)