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Dragon farmers are Gold Farmers that kill dragons over and over again for their hides and bones. The farmers are generally found in the Ogre Enclave beneath the city of Gu'Tanoth, as well as in Taverly Dungeon. They may either use melee or ranged to kill the dragons. Dragon farmers that use melee tend to wear the following gear:

  • Helmet: Dragon medium helm or Rune full helm
  • Neck: Amulet of Glory, Power, or Strength
  • Body: Granite body or Rune Platebody
  • Cape: Obsidian Cape
  • Weapon: Abyssal whip or Brackish Blade
  • Shield: Anti-Dragon shield
  • Legs: Dragon plateskirt or Rune platelegs
  • Boots: Dragon or Rune Boots

Those that use ranged tend to use Red or Black dragonhide armour, along with a Rune crossbow and Mithril Bolts.

These farmers will eventually get ridiculously high combat levels if not banned. Dragon Farmers cannot really be distinguished between Ranging bots or other combat bots.



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