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The Draynor Vampire Scam is a scam that involves Count Draynor, a vampire monster located in the Draynor Manor basement. The scam is quite popular, often used on unsuspecting low-leveled players.

The Scam[]

A Scammer will persuade the low-leveled player that there is either a large sum of gold coins, or an expensive rare item, in the coffin located in the basement of Draynor Manor. The player will, upon opening the coffin, be assaulted by Count Draynor, an aggressive Level 34 monster that requires certain quest items to be defeated. The victim will be killed by the vampire, allowing the scammer, which the vampire will ignore, to receive items dropped by the victim.


Scammer: Do you want to make 10k?
Victim: Sure
Scammer: Go to the manor basement
Both walk to Draynor Manor and go down into basement.
Scammer: Open the coffin, there's 10k inside!
Victim opens the coffin. The Vampire comes out and kills Victim. The Scammer takes Victim's items.


Outside information campaigns there have been few attempts by either Jagex or Player Moderators to address this scam. However, with the introduction of gravestones which protect a dead player's items, this scam is now considered obsolete.