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The Drop Party Scam, now obsolete due to the Wilderness update, was one of the more virtually violent scams. A player would go around Varrock saying "Drop party" so many users would follow him/her. The scammer would then claim to go to the Jolly Boar Inn, an inn located 15 feet from the Wilderness. After dropping some items, often things like Steel Longswords which are not at all rare, they dropper would say "Dropping good things in Wildy!" and then go into the Wilderness. Sometimes, items like Rune Platelegs, or Mithril Platebodies would appear, so a user would quickly run into the Wilderness, hoping to get the item, and try to return. But either the scammer or one of his/her friends would attack the victim, generally with Ancient Magicks to deal heavy damage and freeze him/her in place. Victims who were unlucky enough to get killed dropped their armour and items.

The location generally varied from the Jolly Boar Inn to the teleport lever in East Ardougne. The best way to avoid this scam was to avoid attending drop parties that involved the dropper dropping their items around these locations.

Alternate scam[]

Another variant of this scam, also obsolete, involved a scammer walking up to a potential victim and saying that they are having a drop party, and they are dropping large amounts of gp. The scammer would ask the victim if they wanted to come but only if they showed the scammer their best items. The victim would take it all out and show it to the scammer. Then they would go to the Jolly Boar Inn and say that they are dropping some money first. They would drop 10k in the Wilderness and expect the victim to think its 20m. The victim would run for the cash only to get attacked and killed by the scammer, dropping the majority of the items they brought.

The easiest way to beat this scam was to simply not go into the wilderness. For those that had 33 Magic or higher, however, there was a more fun way. When the scammer asked the victim to show them their items, they would show everything, except for 1 law rune and 1 air rune (for the tele-grab spell). The victim would wait in by the edge of the wilderness ditch and click on the tele-grab spell (a staff of air was less effective, as the scammer would simply pick up the money and find a new victim if they saw it). The victim would wait for the money to appear and telegrab it, making a quick 10k.