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Durial321 was a player that gained notoriety by taking part in the infamous Falador Massacre on 6 June 2006, and was one of the players who extensively abused the glitch that caused it.

During the massacre, it is believed that he first attacked a player called Ultra burn3r and numerous other people. According to an interview following the event, his targets ranged from skillers and alchers to random low levels and even player killers. The total amount of wealth gained by Durial321 was rumoured to be over 200 million coins (or the equivalent of several billion in 2012). It is widely agreed upon, however, that the best drop he gained was a green party hat.

World 111 was the world where the player Cursed You, the first ever player to reach 99 Construction, was hosting his level 99 party. Eventually, the lag caused by the masses of attendees became unbearable for Cursed You, so he decided to expel the guests. The players who were in the dungeon and combat ring when Cursed You expelled everyone kept the ability to attack people, regardless of where they were. "Cursed You" was not held responsible for any of his actions that day, although he was later banned from the game, for reasons unknown. Jagex did not restore any lost items, which sparked much controversy among those who were unfairly killed.

Around the end of the massacre, Durial321's account was disconnected from the game. Later, it was locked for investigation before ultimately being permanently banned. Although there have been numerus petitions to free him, Jagex's stance on the punishment remains firm, and his account remains banned from the game.

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