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You may have been looking for E-mail Scam.

The Easter E-mail Scam is another example of someone utilizing a fake Jagex E-mail. The sender of this email was "support@jagex.com" and the link to Runescape was not www.runescape.com, but http://marketing.topexpertos.com/includes/include/runescape.com (the website has since been taken down). This was one of the main reasons Jagex originally stated they would never require e-mail address, although this later changed. Now, Jagex requires an e-mail address for every new account that is created.

The E-mail said:

Dear Sir/Madam
We are inviting random RuneScape players to the new April event.
If you are willing to join it log in link below.Once you are logged in you will be confirmed.
If you will confirm that you are interested in this event
We will E-mail you more details about this new event on Tuesday
Sincerly yours
JAGEX support team



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