Dark Runescape Wiki

This is a trick where one player says he needs food to lure a low level player to a place where he can be attacked . this usualy happens to new players that are new to the game and want to make friends with higher level players that they think would help them in activities such as questing and pking.

This is an example of this lure.

Lurer:Could you get me some lobsters please i've ran out of money and need food.

Victim:Sure thing.

Lurer:cool meet me in the wilde.add me and message me when youve got them.

Victim:no problem.

The victim goes away and gets the lobsters.The lurer gets his friends and makes his way into the wilderness.

The victim arrives at the wilderness.

Victim:I got the lobsters

Lurer:Cool ,meet me by the bandit camp.

The victim gets near the bandit camp .The victim gets charged by the lurer and his friends .They take the lobster and whatever the victim hadon them at the time.

This lure was made impossible at one point due to the 10 december  2007 update that removed pking in the wilderness though with pvp and bounty worlds this lure has seen a return.