Dark Runescape Wiki

The Free Membership Scam is a form of Password Scamming preformed almost exclusively on Free To Play servers. A player will offer to make people members for free and then ask for their passwords to make them members and then he/she will hack the victim's account.


Player 1: Free membership!!!
Player 2: Ooooooo i want free membership
Player 1: Ok i will need your pass to make you a member
Player 2 (in private chat):my pass is _________
Player 1: Ok now log out.
Player 2 logs out.
Player 1 changes Player 2's password and Player 2 is scammed.

Team Example[]

Player 1: Free membership here!!111
Player 2 (already a member):ooooo i want free membership!
Player 3: Don't do it, it sounds like a scam
Player 1: I will need ur pass to make u a mem
Player 2 (in private chat):my pass is <fake password>
Player 2 (to Player 3):add me im gonna get on a mem world
Player 2 logs out and logs back in on a members world.
Player 2 (in private chat):see he made me a mem it not a scam
Player 3: Ok i guess its not a scam
Player 3 (in private chat to Player 1):my pass is ________
Player 3 logs out.
Player 1 changes Player 3's password and Player 3 is scammed.

How to avoid this[]

It is best to simply report the player for scamming, and add the scammer to your ignore list.