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In Runescape, the term free-loader describes a personally who rarely completes action in the game, but gets profit or items. Free-loaders developed mainly when the Fishing Trawler Minigame came out, wherein the players participating in this minigame must make sure their fishing boat collects large quantities of fish, without the boat collapsing from water damage.

Many players saw that they could not particpate in this game, but still achieve Manta Rays and Sea Turtles, which lead to the rise in population of free-loaders.

Players' Response[]

At first players didn't care much for free-loaders because they still got their inventories of fish. On some trips, no fish was rewarded and therefore, they players assumed the fish went to the free-loaders. Being angry at the free-loaders, players took their problems to the Runescape Forums, but apparently it had little effect.

Some players suggested that the Fishing Trawler be like the Pest Control Minigame where players recieve pest points relating to how their activity was. Although many players still fight for all the Fishing Trawlers to players to participate, not many players play the minigame anymore.


This glitch is now out of date. A recent update to the minigame now means that as well as a 'Water' bar at the top of the screen, there is also an 'Activity' bar showing how much you are doing. The higher your Activity bar, the larger your share of fish at the end of the game will be, so people who don't do anything will not get any fish.


As a former Fishing Trawler player, I did freeload myself. Sure enough, I personally believe we should put this little problem behind us and look to future Runescape milestones and successes.

Author: Confessors Will