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The Free Lobster Scam was a scam in which the scammer shouts something along the lines of "Giving away free lobsters, show inventory so I know how much to give you". The scammer expects someone to show their inventory in a trade, and then they will give the lobsters accordingly. However, this will be in the same trade box, and the scammer will accept, causing the player, who may not be paying attention, to trade their items. This scam is not possible if the victim has fifteen or more items, because the scammer would not have room for them, having less than thirteen vacant spaces in his inventory.

In response to this scam, Jagex changed the trade window so that it would show the number of empty spaces in the trader's inventory. Despite these changes, some people still continue to do it. Just say to them, "Look at the trade window," or, if you want to have some fun, offer to trade and show your inventory to the scammer. He will show the lobsters and accept. Remove your items from the trade and accept, and (usually) the scammer will decline. Report the scammer for Item scamming.


  • Scammer: Giving away free lobbies! Show inventory!
  • Victim trades with the scammer and shows two valuable items.
  • Scammer shows 26 cooked lobsters, then accepts.
Victim declines, having realised what the scammer has tried to do, declines the trade and no harm is done.