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The Friend scam is a scam that involves a scammer gaining the trust of another player and using it to his/her advantage. It is one of the most heartless scams, and directly violates the 'Scamming' rule under Honour (formerly Rule 2)

Usually the scammer will befriend a rich player and over time they will grow to trust each other. One day the rich player may ask the scammer to buy something for him/her (though most don't) and will hand over money. The scammer will then ignore the friend and vanish with the richer player losing anywhere from tens of thousands to millions in coins. This scam has an extremely low success rate. Sometimes the scammer will ask if he can buy something and promise to pay back, only to log out afterwards.

However sometimes the scammer will ask the rich player or higher level player to buy them things. They may ask you to buy them armor, clothes, food, weapons and other needed accesories. The scammer may keep on asking you to buy them what they need but never pay you back.


  • Scammer: Hey. Want 2 be my friend???
  • Victim: Sure :)
    • Days after they become good friends.
  • Scammer: I need some armor! I'm broke, can u buy me some?? I promise 2 pay u back!
  • Victim: Alright.
    • Victim goes to an armor shop to get armor for their "friend". Victim later on trades with the scammer.
  • The Scammer does not pay back and obviously the Victim has been tricked.
  • Scammer: Thanks!


To avoid this, players can politely tell the potential scammer that they don't have the money, or that the scammer will have to earn it themselves. It can be hard for players to tell a good friend that, but it is better than being scammed. A real friend on RuneScape would not ask another player to buy them things and instead get it themselves.



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