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The Gem Cutting Scam is a scam which has been around pretty much as long as RuneScape has, but the problem with it is that it may not be a scam, as the player may be honestly trying to level up their Crafting skill. The scam is much harder now because there is the assist system to do the job. Also players can (and should) sell their uncut gems on the GE and buy cut ones for less.

The Idea[]

The honest player is only trying to level their Crafting. Another user gives the cutter uncut gems, the cutter cuts them, gets experience points, gives the gems back, and the other user has a more valuable item. Both players benefit.

The Scam[]

The scam is nearly identical to the idea. But the outcome is far from the same. The user gets the gems, the cutter says "Thanks for the gems" and walks away or logs out.

What to do when confronted[]

If a user offers to cut your gems for free, don't give him the gems without a thought that he may be scamming. It is best to use the assist system. This is a foolproof way and enables you to do the cutting yourself, whilst giving him the experience. If a gem-cutter refuses to use the assist system, be very careful, and only give your uncut gems in exchange for an equal amount of cut gems. If the cutter refuses to do even this, then they may be a scammer.



Scammer: Free Gem cutting up to onyx!
Victim: All right!
Victim trades Scammer. Victim offers an uncut onyx. Both accept.
Scammer:Ty 4 onyx nub lol u got scammed!

Scammer logs out. Victim reports Scammer for item scamming.

Honest person[]

Person 1: Free Gem cutting up to onyx!
Person 2 trades Person 1. Person 2 offers an uncut onyx. Both accept.
Person 1 uses a chisel to cut the onyx.
Person 1 trades Person 2. Person 1 offers the onyx. Both accept.


This is an example of a suspicious player using the foolproof method.

Person 1: Free Gem cutting up to onyx!
Person 2 trades Person 1. Person 2 offers an uncut onyx. Person 1 accepts.
Person 2: Trade me a cut onyx for my uncut one
Person 1 may either accept this offer or decline saying that they do not have one or that they do not want to.