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The German Server Scam uses a person's inexperience in the German language against them. However, this only works if the player does not speak German. It usually involves two scammers and a victim.

Example 1:

  • Scammer 1 saying he is selling mage logs
  • Victim asks to buy but does not speak german.
  • If victim is not suspicious he will buy the scammer's willow logs instead and be scammed.

Example 2:

  • As per 1 except if the victim does become suspicious.
  • Scammer 1 will then ask Scammer 2 if these are mage logs and scammer 2 will agree.
  • Victim then buys logs and is scammed.

This scam can be used vice-versa on German players who do not speak English though this rarely happens. This scam can be avoided by using a translator, although Translators do not always give the correct name. Also, this scam is rarely done, as most players who will attempt to buy the logs will be German. This scam can also be done in the Brazillian Portuguese and French worlds as well.



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