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What happens here is a scammer will set up somewhere and he gains peoples trust, then watch what happens. (Depends on whether you have more than the amount they want and if you have a bank pin) Here is what happened to me:


Scammer: Hey man, could i have 20k plox?

Victim: sure

Victim tries to trade but Scammer declines

Scammer: nah man, somethins wrong with my trade. it wont let me trade nothin for money

Victim: okay so?

Scammer: how bout u give me ur pass on pm, and ill get the money.

Victim: Sure

Victim pms password to scammer. Victim logs out. Scammer goes to a certain place then logs out.

Scammer logs in to your account, takes all your money and some expensive stuff, then goes somewhere and drops it where he moved his character then uses home tele

Scammer logs out of your account, logs into his account and takes everything and runs.

You log in, wondering why you are in lumbridge.

The scammer benfits from another scam.

This scam is made more possible with the trade system update with quest points to limit of money, especially if he made a new account and didn't do any quests, puts his real acct at the drop place, and uses two computers to scam.

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