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The Granite maul scam is a very rare scam in which the scammer would trick a victim into giving them their Granite maul by stating that the victim can make a maul from scratch. This is untrue, as granite mauls are only obtainable as monster drops from gargoyles. The scammer would find an unsuspecting victim with a Granite maul, and then claim offer them multiple Granite mauls. They would then tell the victim to take off their Granite maul and trade them. The victim, curious, will accept the trade offer and put in their Granite maul. The scammer will then trade multiple Granite 2kg, Granite 5kg, or Granite 500kg.The scammer will tell them they can make one Granite maul per granite stone. The scammer will also tell them it only requires 15 Smithing (most players have this) and that their Smithing (the scammers) is only 1. The victim will get excited and accept the trade. The scammer will log off. The victim tries to use the granite with a furnace and nothing will happen, realizing they've been scammed. This scam used to be popular, but is extremely rare nowadays due to the maul's relatively low value (less than 35,000 coins).


Scammer walks up to player with a granite maul

Scammer123: Do u want 5 g mauls for the price of 1?

Victim123: Sure!

Scammer123: Ok, take off your g maul and trade it with me.

Scammer123 trades with the victim.

Victim123 accepts the trade offer.

Victim123 puts in his/her granite maul.

Scammer123 puts in 5 Granite (2 kg).

Scammer123: You can use these 5 granite stones to make 5 g mauls!

Scammer123: Only requires 10 smithing, which I don't have.

Victim123: Sweet!

Both players accept the trade.

Scammer123 logs out.

Victim123 tries to use the granite with the furnance only to get a message saying: "Nothing interesting happens."

Victim123 reports Scammer123 for item scamming.