Dark Runescape Wiki

Griefing (Not to be confused with trolling, the act of using insults to draw responses from others) is the act of intentionally ruining other players' gaming experiences, by using aspects of the game in unintended ways. This is often for the sole purpose of entertainment, but in some cases, such as luring, it is done for profit. Those who engage in griefing are popularly known as griefers. The different methods employed by griefers may not necessarily be against the rules, although in rare cases such as luring, an exception can be made. Examples of the things that griefers engage in include, but are not limited to:

  • Tagging monsters, which prevents others from receiving drops.
  • Stealing kills (against boss monsters only).
  • Ammo looting.
  • Deliberately hiding with a Castle Wars flag
  • Lighting fires in Hunter areas to prevent traps from being set up.
  • Repeatedly opening/closing doors
  • Attacking in PVP areas and then running into safe areas
  • Turning against clanmates in the Wilderness.
  • Terminating games at house parties.
  • Killing people spotting penguins in the Wilderness, even if they have no items.
  • Luring with the intent of taking another player's items.