The Guthan's warspear scam is an old scam that can no longer be used, it was devastating and cost victims millions for almost 2 years. After the release of the Slayer skill, the Leaf-bladed spear was also released. Scammers noticed that the Leaf-bladed spear and the Guthans spear looked very similar. Scammers proceeded to buy many Leaf-bladed spears cheaply from slayer masters and sell them just cheaper than the Guthans spear market price (so they could sell many quickly) to victims who thought they were buying Guthans spears and did not check as they looked so much alike. Many scammers made millions as they managed to pull off the scam dozens of times. This also caused a temporary dip in the market price of the Guthans spear, as so many people saw the scammers selling the 'Guthans spear' (Leaf-bladed spear) for lower and lower prices. The scam was completely abolished after the Leaf spear was made untradeable.

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