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The Guthix Platelegs Scam is a scam that is hardly seen but tricks people still, as a minority of people have both normal Rune platelegs and Guthix Platelegs. In order to make this scam operational, the scammer needs a set of Guthix Platelegs and normal Rune Platelegs in their inventory. The scammer offers to sell the Guthix Platelegs. On the trade screen, he/she puts in a set of noted Guthix Platelegs. Then, he/she replaces it with normal Rune Platelegs. When the Guthix Platelegs are noted, and are compared to noted normal Rune Platelegs, the difference is very hard to see. Both click accept and the victim is scammed. This can be reported via Rule 2 for Item scamming.


  • Scammer: "Selling guthix platelegs for 200k"

  • Victim thinks that it is a great deal and offers to trade.

  • The scammer puts in a set of Guthix platelegs and the victim puts in 200k

The scammer takes away the Guthix platelegs and replaces it with normal Rune Platelegs.

  • Both click accept

The victim is scammed.

The victim reports the scammer via Rule 2.