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The Guthix Armour scam is a Scam that is hardly seen but tricks people still, as a minority of people have sets of both Guthix and Rune (t) armour. In order to make this scam operational, the scammer needs a set of Rune (t) armour and Guthix rune armour in their inventory. The scammer offers to sell some Guthix armour. On the trade screen, he/she puts in a type of Guthix armour. Then, he/she replaces it with Rune (t) armour. Rune (t) armour and Guthix armour look a bit like the same when compared. Both click accept and the victim is scammed. This can be reported using the item scamming option under Honour. In December 2007, the removal of free trade temporarily rendered this scam obsolete, as the difference in price between any one piece from each set of armour generally exceeded the absolute maximum unbalanced trade limit of 60,000 coins. The return of free trade in February 2011 saw the return of this scam, but it is very rarely seen today, due to the fact that the trade window shows the value of each piece. In addition, removed items have a red exclamation mark flash over them, which makes it easier for potential victims to avoid the scam. As a result of these measures, it is widely believed that the scam is extinct.


Scammer: "Selling guthix platelegs for 275k"
Victim thinks that it is a great deal and offers to trade.
The scammer puts in a set of Guthix platelegs and the victim puts in 275k.
The scammer takes away the Guthix platelegs and replaces it with Rune (t) platelegs.
Both click accept.
The victim is scammed, and may now report the scammer for scamming under Honour.

Alternate way[]

Because of the new warning on the trade screen if players are about to be scammed, there is an alternate way to watch out for.

Scammer: "Selling Guthix Platelegs for 275K."
The victim thinks it is a great deal.
The victim trades with the scammer and gives the money for the Guthix Platelegs.
The Scammer clicks Decline on purpose, says Oops! or something of that sort and offers to trade again.
The Scammer now inserts normal, but noted Rune platelegs (t) and both click accept.
The victim is scammed and reports the Scammer for scamming under Honour.
The scammer might say Ha, nub or something of that sort.
The Scammer logs out.

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