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The Humiliation Scam or Blackmail Scam is a bribe-related scam. What happens is a player does something embarrassing, and the scammer will say they recorded it and will post it on YouTube or something. (This may or may not be true.) Then, either the victim will offer something to the scammer so that they won't post it or the scammer will ask for some sort of payment for them not to post it. Then the scammer will either post the video anyway, reveal that they were never going to post it, or that they never recorded it at all. This can be reported under the 'Scamming' subsection of Honour.

Why is this considered a scam?[]

There is no way to know whether the person who claims to have recorded you actually did so until he or she posts the video. It is therefore extremely easy for anyone to make such claim, and regardless of if the scammer asks for a payment or if the victim offers it, they can be reported for lying, no matter what.

Case 1.- The victim pays the scammer to not post the video, and after paying the scammer claims he or she will still post it.

Case 2.- The victim pays the scammer to not post the video, and then the scammer admits to never having recorded the victim.

According to the Rules of RuneScape, "Lying to other players for your own personal gain is not in the spirit of fair play."

Since this scam is basically sure to be a lie of the scammer, it can be reported under that rule. Even if the scammer did record the victim, this is reportable under inappropiate language or behaviour.