Dark Runescape Wiki

In-Game Advertising is when a player, or macro, advertises or even mentions a website other than the RuneScape website in the game. Usually macros will spam by constantly repeating a website that could be a fake Pre-EoC beta website, or fan site which can steal your username and password or infect your computer with a keylogger.

These websites will usually look similar to the Runescape website but will have a different web address.


Autoer/Macroer: Visit www.hacksite.com for the pre-eoc version of Runescape 3!!!

A player thinks it is the real pre-EoC site and goes to it and enters his/her username and password. The login credentials are harvested by the website, and then used to hijack the player's account.


Don't visit websites you are not familiar with and never enter your RuneScape password and username at any other website. RuneScape's real website is www.runescape.com. If you do see a macro or anyone else advertising a website in the game, report them using the Advertising option.

Jagex have stated that they will not be bringing back another version of RuneScape, so any website that claims to offer a 2011 or 2012 version of RuneScape will only steal your password.


These macros can be spotted if:

  1. It seems like they are typing at a speed which is inhumanly impossible.
  2. They are wearing a green shirt with green trousers or camoflauge armour.
  3. They are doing all of the above in a busy place/world e.g World 1.