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The Item lending scam is often inter-twined with the Friend Scam. The scammer will often start off slow, maybe asking for items as common as a bronze dagger, and work up to asking for an item such as an abyssal whip or godsword. When the scammer finally gets that rare item, they will claim it as their own. This makes it so the scammer will keep the item and never give it back. Players should report the scammer for item scamming under Honour. This scam is used often as the player will build up a level of trust, and probably won't even report the player, they are however scammed.

With the introduction of the Item Lending system on 14 July, 2008, this scam has become somewhat obsolete. However, a new type of borrowing scam emerged with the system. The scammer would offer to loan his or her item in exchange for cash. In the trade window, the scammer would lend their item with the option "Until Logout", and the victim would offer the cash. After the trade was completed, the scammer would immediately log out and regain the loaned item. This new form of scamming can be reportable under item scamming.


The best way for players to avoid falling victim to these scams is to only use the Item Lending system to lend or borrow items, and never pay cash or items for an item that will be borrowed until logout.