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A Job Scam is a scam when a player offers another player a "well paying" job with a start-up fee. What this means is, the player offering the job will say "To get the job, you must get me some items" The victim will then bring the requested items to the scammer, whom will collect them then run away or log out. This is reportable as item scamming, under the Honour category.


Scammer: Hey, do you want a job that pays 100k a week?
Victim: Sure! What do I have to do?
Scammer: I'll tell you when you prove yourself worthy of the job.
Victim: What do I need to do then?
Scammer: You must bring me 500 willow logs, and 20 sword fish. Then you can start the job.
Victim: Ok!
The victim brings the scammer the items and trades them to the scammer. The scammer logs out and the victim never gets the job.
The victim may now report the scammer for item scamming.