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Jojo3000 was a very infamous lurer. He was the original creator of a very notorious lure that gained him millions. The trick involved leaving a pile of cash (usually 10k, but sometimes it was more) a few steps into the Wilderness near the Jolly Boar Inn in Varrock. He then distracted a player in Varrock to follow him up to the inn. He would show the player millions of gold. He would then proceed to drop this money and alch a rune med helmet (10k) then would drop the 10k and pickup his million stack. The player would run in to the wilderness expecting it to be loads of money. He would then be frozen and killed by Jojo's partners.

Later on Jojo3000 (also known as Evan) admitted on the zybez forum that he had been permanently banned for selling RuneScape gold for real money.

This trick originally occurred in the Wilderness prior to the December 10, 2007 update that removed player killing from the Wilderness. On Feb 1, 2011, however, PKing in the Wilderness was reintroduced, and the lure suddenly began resurfacing. Before the month of March, a luring clan owned by the player 'uzott' existed, and the clan name was 'Jojo3000'. This neo-Jojo clan used this lure and the clan's owners had billions of in-game gold. It is also rumoured that Jojo himself has created new accounts, one with which to perform the lure, and another one which he uses to store the items he loots, such as spirit shields, ancient armour, and even discontinued items, although this is unconfirmed.

The clan's people tried every lure that was possible at the time, such as high alchemy value tricks with dragon battleaxes and regen bracelets, but Jagex responded on 19 April 2011 by changing the Items Kept on Death system so that retained items are determined by their Grand Exchange value instead of their alchemy value. What happened to the clan's owners is still unknown, but it is likely that they stopped their luring tactics due to the updates which made them obsolete.

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