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Jonah Gale is a person known for being behind one of the largest disappearances of clan leaders in RuneScape history.  He has recently become active once again. He was known to invite clan leaders who have been abused or cast out of their clans into a utopian clan filled with only Ex-clan leaders. The thread, used in most cases for the main base of operations for his free-trade movement group, the Advanced Trade Legalization and Artifact Society (ATLAS), is hidden in different threads with different names by posting and editing comments buried deep in inactive but long threads.

Involvement in ATLAS[]

Since the creation of the account in early 2009, at least six known clan leaders or semi-famous people have admitted to being invited into Jonah's group. Several players have admitted to owning or sharing access to the account Jonah Gale. ATLAS has been known to promote free trade amongst players openly promoting the trading of accounts and glitched or smuggled items such as the Dungeoneering Anti-dragon shield, in direct violation of the official rules. ATLAS has also been known to strongly support real-world trading. The group's efforts to revive free trade largely succeeded when free trade was re-introduced on 1 February 2011. It is believed that the group disbanded shortly thereafter. Although Jonah Gale is not online very often, his clan chat is filled with many abandoned clan leaders.