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Junhalestone was a very little known Runescape player. He is recognised by Jagex as one of the most dangerous breakers of the original Rules of Conduct (particularly rule 11), and received at least 60 black marks for his actions. He is often found on World 44, usually in Armadyl's Eyrie, although this is a different Junhalestone to the one seen on other sites.

He has advertised one website, which has been identified by Jagex as a highly advanced copy of the Runescape website, complete with Javascript file, and a web-client for a Runescape private server, while it also sent him the usernames and passwords of those who tried to log into the private server. The site was later shut down by Jagex for copyright infringement.

His mute has been lifted, as of 2nd April 2009, due to the fact that he had performed all the spamming operations in a cyber-cafe, and Jagex could not prove it was not someone else using his account. Some people argue that this is not true and that he was unmuted on 11 May 2009, while making an appeal, due the new offence system update.

In August 2011, Junhalestone returned to RuneScape.